Our 5 day hot spring detox, organized and delivered by Vietnam Detox, follows the renowned Buchinger fasting method and takes place under the experienced guidance of Dieter Buchner, a certified Buchinger Fasting Coach from Germany.

Choose your date:

February:        22-26/02/2023

March:             15-19/03/2023

April:                12-16/04/2023 & 19-23/04/2023

May:                  31/05 – 04/06/2023

July:                  05-09/07/2023 & 26-30/07/2023

August:             09-13/08/2023

September:      06-10/09/2023 & 20-24/09/2023

November:       15-19/11/2023

December:       06-10/12/2023 & 13-17/12/2023

Through the activities and coaching you will gain the inspiration and knowledge needed to make informed and healthy lifestyle choices. The detox retreat combines juice cleansing with alternating resting and movement, thus kick-starting the body’s healing abilities and bring about wholesome wellness in a safe and long-lasting way.

After just 5 days you will return home with a wealth of new ideas, tips and knowledge to help you embrace healthy new habits in your everyday life. The success of the retreat is measured by the positive sustainable changes you are able to make to your own lifestyle once the detox is complete.

Experience the rejuvenating effects of fasting
Be empowered to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing
Learn how to look after your own wellbeing and change your daily lifestyle
Gain valuable knowledge, tips and insights for maintaining optimum health
Release deeply held tensions and reduce toxicity in your life


  • 4 nights accommodation at Alba Wellness Valley, Hue, Vietnam
  • Choice of room or bungalow accommodation
  • Expert guidance of an experienced Buchinger Fasting Coach from Germany
  • Full use of Japanese onsen baths, spa facilities and nutrient rich hot spring waters
  • Shuttle service from Hue Airport to Alba and return, click here for latest schedule
  • Daily guided nature walks through the surrounding valleys, forests and mountains
  • 5 freshly extracted juices per day to help cleanse your body
  • Daily tea buffet with organic fasting blends from Germany
  • Fluoride free toothpaste and enema kit from Germany
  • Access to a comprehensive library of wellness books and resources
  • Fasting journal to record your experiences during your fast
  • Juicing class for beginners with recipes to use when you return home
  • Daily detox massage to help enhance the effects of your fast
  • Morning exercise and yoga sessions to prepare you for the day ahead
  • Daily wellness class with tips and advice for living a healthier life
  • Daily relaxation and meditation exercises to reconnect with your inner self