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Wellness Detox – A retreat to purity

Inspired by our signature wellbeing ethos, the team at Alba Wellness Valley have crafted a three, five and seven-day Wellness Detox to transport you on a life-changing journey back to your true self.

To free yourself of the harmful effects of urban life, Alba Wellness Valley invites you on a voyage to inner balance and healthy living, transporting you to a place of optimal wellbeing and physical fitness.

Nestled in the foothills of the Thanh Tan mountain range, just a short drive from the ancient citadel of Hue, sits Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion, a haven of tranquility and the ultimate destination for physical and mental wellbeing.  Home to mineral rich hot springs, Japanese Onsen baths, landscaped gardens, and fragrant eucalyptus plantations, this sanctuary of serenity offers luxury accommodation and the perfect environment to relax and recharge in a setting completely at harmony with nature.

Retreat highlights:

  • Detox juicing class:
  • Detox turndown services with detoxifying herbal teas
  • Massage treatment: The D-TOX Reflexology treatment is an option for those who wants a relaxing experience with detoxifying benefits. It’s a non-invasive therapy that will guide your mind and body toward a state of Well-being, more options available on the Spa Menu
  • Intermittent Fasting Methods: adapting from this method, you will only eat once a day apart from breakfast
  • Organic and vegetarian cuisine and cooking class
  • Wellness activity classes from yoga, meditation, breath, biking, hiking to revitalize and reinvigorate, reducing stress and resetting inner balance.

To help you continue your lifestyle changes once you return home, healthy cooking classes will introduce you to healthy cooking and balanced eating options.

If your goal is to live a healthier, happier life, then Alba’s Wellness Detox is the ideal place to start your Journey!

  • 3 day Detox
    • VND 8,392,000  (USD 362) Deluxe
    • VND 12,092,000  ( USD 523) Bungalow
  • 5 day Detox
    • VND 10,742,000  (USD 464) Deluxe
    • VND 23,352,000  ( USD 1,008) Bungalow
  • 7 day Detox
    • VND 23,662,000  (USD 1,022) Deluxe
    • VND 34,612,000  ( USD 1,495) Bungalow
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