Fusion Resort Phu Quoc’s Spa Director & Wellness Practitioner Sohal Shah gives advice on balancing our Qi

Finding balance is the key to a healthy life – a balanced diet, the balance between work and play, rest and exercise, stress and calm – and any long-term imbalance can lead to disease of the body and mind.
According to Eastern traditional medicine, Qi is the vital life forces that flows through every living thing, the foundation on which we build of  our physical and mental health, our body’s innate intelligence that can be influenced by interactions with our environments, lifestyle or even our genes.
Sohal Shah, spa director and wellness practitioner at Fusion Resort Phu Quoc, explains that Eastern practices like Tai Chi, Yoga and simple breathing rituals can help balance the flow of energy, helping to maintain a state of healthy equilibrium between the body and mind.  Incorporating these into our daily wellness activities can lead to a healthier, more balance life.

“Qi energy flows through meridians in our body. When these are balanced and open, the flow is smooth, but if our meridians become blocked then the imbalance of flow can cause illness troubles in our wellbeing.” Sohal said.

When people have balanced Qi, they are full of energy, healthy and with a clear state of mind.  Those who are imbalanced have problems fighting off viruses and infections, and can be emotional and depressed.

“There are many ways you can re-balance your Qi if you think your deficient.  Simple changes in lifestyle, making sure you have restful sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise are important,” advised Sohal. “and Maia spa treatments like our traditional Vietnamese massage focus on working on points along the meridian lines which in turn helps correct the flow of energy.”


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