Alexandra keeps it simple for breakfast with an omelette, a couple of broken eggs, whisked, seasoned and thrown in the pan – quick, easy, tasty, and importantly, with not a lot of cleaning up to do as she rushes to leave the house for work.
She’s a people person, seizing each opportunity to meet new guests, getting to know their habits, lifestyle and culture, spending moments to stop and say hello, have a chat and share a smile. It’s what motivates her every day. She loves going out of her way to make sure their time with Fusion is unique and memorable, adding some magic with those personal touches that make all the difference. In the end it’s the little things we remember, when we connect a flavour, a smell or a taste with a memory or emotion.
Alexandra sees her Fusionista role as multi-faceted. Sometimes a butler, concierge or receptionist. Other times a best friend, a daughter or personal assistant. She’s there to make sure guests have what they need to spend a wonderful time at Fusion, but she’s also there to listen when something goes wrong, and of course find a solution.
If you ask for suggestions of how to spend your time at Fusion she’s full of ideas and happy to share. Most of her recommendations involve relaxation – a glass of wine in your signature hammock bath, sundowners at the beachfront Zen bar with gorgeous views, artisanal cocktails, good food, and great company, or perhaps a visit to Mr. Dinh’s for a refreshing glass of lemongrass tea.

Lodgis House, 14 Ngo Van Nam, Ben Nghe ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
T. +84 283 9101 000   

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